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Southampton Boat Show 2015

Are you thinking of attending the Southampton Boat Show?  As one of our customers you are able to take advantage of our membership of British Marine with the discount code EX12 which will give you £9 off your ticket at http://southamptonboatshow.com/ See you there!

Oxford Brookes Win Red Bull Outrow 2015

A sunny, calm Sunday morning in Minsterworth, Gloucestershire played host to Red Bull Outrow 2015.  8 crews lined up to take on each other and attempt to outrow the River Severn Bore. Seeclub Zurich and University West of England clashed off the start which put them on the back foot and saw UWE caught by the wave first.  Seeclub Zurich then displayed great composure under pressure to row through the field and whilst UCL, Newcastle Uni, Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club, VSR Belgium and Thames RC were all gradually swallowed up one at a time. Seeclub made it just over 4km before being[..]

Red Bull Outrow, 2015

Red Bull Outrow, 2nd August 2015 River Severn, Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, UK On the 2nd August 2015, Janousek & Stämpfli Racing Boats will be partnering with Red Bull Outrow on the River Severn, Gloucestershire. The best rowers from around Europe will compete in the extremely tough and unique race against not only each other but also the Severn Bore – a powerful natural phenomenon caused by the rising tide of the Celtic sea surging back up the river. Janousek & Stämpfli will be providing the boats for the incredibly challenging race, where coxed fours have to ‘outrow’ each other and the[..]