Composite Boats

Janousek & Stampfli Racing Boats

Stampfli 8

We manufacture 2 different boat constructions:


Janouseks are constructed primarily of prepregnated glass fibre with a honeycomb core which creates a balanced blend of stiffness, weight, durability and cost.  The longevity of Janouseks is well known and underlined by the fact that the second Janousek ever made in 1981 was refurbished in January 2014 having already done a sterling 33 years of service.  Janouseks are ideal for clubs who are looking for a versatile fleet of boats that will last a lifetime or individuals who are looking for good value for money and re-sale prospects.  Janouseks come fitted with 3 stay aluminium riggers, wooden seats, aluminium footstretchers and Janousek rowing shoes.

 STÄMPFLI 2 FullColor_RGB_Sml_AW

Stämpflis are constructed primarily of prepregnated carbon fibre with a honeycomb core which creates a light and stiff construction.  Stämpflis are available with 3 stay aluminium aerofoil riggers and aluminium wing riggers with limited availability across the range of carbon riggers.

Boat Shape

All of our doubles and coxless pairs, fours and quads boat shapes are available in both constructions, we use the S1 single scull hull shape for the Janousek single scull and our S8 shape is used for both constructions of eights and octuples.  The details of our shapes are available on the specific boat size pages.

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