Assured Used Boats

Janousek & Stampfli Racing Boats


Our Assured Used Boats have been reviewed and any work required to get them back to immaculate condition has been completed so they are ready for a new home with a new lease of life!

Stampfli 1x with carbon wing rigger

  • 95kg crew weight
  • 2018
  • £5,794.20 exVAT

Stampfli 2x with bow mounted carbon wing riggers

  • 80-95kg average crew weight
  • 2019
  • Red & white
  • £9,875.30 exVAT
  • Additionally available with aluminium wing riggers for sweep rowing

Janousek 4+ (stern coxed) with 3-stay riggers

  • 85kg average crew weight
  • 1999
  • White
  • £5,750.00 incVAT
  • Available as a 4+/x+ at £6,711.44 incVAT

Janousek 4+/x+ (bow coxed) with aluminium wing riggers

  • 85kg average crew weight
  • White
  • £7,110.60 exVAT as a coxed four
  • £7,170.60 exVAT as a coxed quad
  • £8,431.20 exVAT as a coxed four/quad convertible