Braca Oars & Sculls

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We are the British agents for Braca Oars and Sculls.  Built in Lithuania, Braca weave their own carbon cloth which they use to manufacture their oars and sculls and are built with market leading levels of accuracy to minimise the tolerances between pairs of sculls and within sets of oars.

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Current Stock

We stock the most popular sculls and oars so please call to find out our latest stock.

Discounted Oars & Sculls

The following oars and sculls are in stock and include a 20% discount;

  • UltraLight 288-292cm Sharp Blade Sculls with 3.7cm handles. 1 pr; £315.00 +VAT
  • UltraLight Gold 285-290cm Big Blade Sculls with 3.4cm handles. 1 pr; £345.00 +VAT
  • Standard 371-376cm Fusion Blade Oars with 4.2cm handle. 2 oars; £219.00 +VAT each
  • UltraLight Gold 370-374cm Fusion Blade Oars with 4.2cm handle. 2 oars; £227.00 +VAT each