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Red Bull Outrow, 2015

Red Bull Outrow, 2nd August 2015 River Severn, Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, UK On the 2nd August 2015, Janousek & Stämpfli Racing Boats will be partnering with Red Bull Outrow on the River Severn, Gloucestershire. The best rowers from around Europe will compete in the extremely tough and unique race against not only each other but also the Severn Bore – a powerful natural phenomenon caused by the rising tide of the Celtic sea surging back up the river. Janousek & Stämpfli will be providing the boats for the incredibly challenging race, where coxed fours have to ‘outrow’ each other and the[..]


Henley Women’s Regatta 2015

Congratulations to the organisers, volunteers, athletes, coaches and supporters on a fantastic event.  It was a privilege to experience and share in the journeys of the athletes and crews we supported, and some we did not, too many to mention but we’d like to share our highlights of Henley Women’s Regatta 2015. First of all congratulations to Imperial College for their victory in Elite Lightweight Pairs in their JF2 here are a couple of photos of their celebration! Next up is Gloucester Hartpury’s dominant display and victory in Senior Quads in one of the GB SV4 quads, again a handful of photos from their journey. We[..]


National Schools’ Regatta 2015

  It isn’t often that National Schools’ is blessed with 3 days of near perfect weather, but it was and boy did everyone enjoy it and the excellent racing that prevailed.  Particular mention to the following (apologies if we haven’t mentioned you this time but please feel free to send us your photos and results to boats@janousek.co.uk in the future and we’ll do our best to include you in our roundup): Dulwich College for their emphatic win in J16 8s in our demo green S8 Norwich School for their Silver in J16 8s in their S8 3 Golds for Glasgow Schools Rowing[..]

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