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Press Release

SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM—August 11, 2021– Janousek Racing Boats Limited (the “Company”) announced today it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent (the “Letter of Intent”) with a private equity group (the “Buyer”) for an acquisition of the Company’s operations as well as the acquisition of the Company’s business including its holding in Stampfli International Limited. The Buyer is committed to continuing the excellent reputation of the Company and making significant investments to expand its operations. The Buyer is led by a world- class management team with significant experience in leading innovative, high-growth companies as well as some team members[..]

Special offers for the new season

To help prepare for a safe return to the water we have special offers for the season ahead; Receive 10% off Braca-Sport blades with any new or used boat Book any boat for repair or refurbishment and receive 5% discount on new parts and fittings Offer ends Septmeber 2020, conditions apply, get in touch for your quote or futher information.

Covid-19; We’re open!

We remain open and active; boats are being built, damage is being repaired and spares are being dispatched. Due to the nature of our manufacturing and fortunate spread of boat builders across two factories we are able to practice social distancing at all times. Additionally our careful use of PPE has been further increased. We are following guidlines and reviewing our activities regularly where required. Get in touch and let us know how we can help in preparation for getting back in the boat. In the meantime keep safe and well, we look forward to seeing you back on the[..]

We’re recruiting!

We are looking for Boat Repairers and Boat Builders to join our growing team. More info and job description on our careers page. Closing date: Until positions are suitably filled.


With extensive research into hull structure a new carbon construction has been developed for the full Janousek and Stampfli range of boats. Our R&D is carried out in-house trialling a variety of carbon styles, weights and production processes. Each faces rigorous testing to ensure the hull is improved without compromise. These latest materials have proven to show exceptional stiffness to the hull in addition to great reductions in the hull weight. While Stampfli boats have always had a full carbon skin this further development follows a transition to a full carbon outerskin on Janousek boats in 2011. Fresh paint will always look[..]