Janousek & Stampfli Racing Boats

A lack of diversity is one of the greatest threats to rowing. This is not hyperbole nor is it a classic opening salvo to draw in ambivalent readers and self-generate headlines. It is simply a statement of fact and a reflection of where the sport currently is. Rowing has long been the preserve of the white and privileged but, increasingly, efforts are being made to address the chasm that exists between what rowing is and what rowing needs to become, both socially and from a sporting context. At Janousek and Stampfli, improving diversity and inclusion is one of the single-most[..]

This Regatta season we will be attending; The Scullery Head Race 22/03/24 The Junior Sculling Regatta 06/05/24 National Schools Regatta 24-26/05/2024 Durham Regatta 08-09/06/24 HRR qualifiers 28/06/2024 Henley Royal Regatta 02-07/07/24 Henley Masters Regatta 12-13/07/24 British Championships 21-22/07/24 We look forward to seeing you at a race soon!