Janousek & Stampfli Racing Boats



With extensive research into hull structure a new carbon construction has been developed for the fullĀ Janousek and Stampfli range of boats.

Our R&D is carried out in-house trialling a variety of carbon styles, weights and production processes. Each faces rigorous testing to ensure the hull is improved without compromise.

These latest materials have proven to show exceptional stiffness to the hull in addition to great reductions in the hull weight.

While Stampfli boats have always had a full carbon skin this furtherĀ development follows a transition to a full carbon outerskin on Janousek boats in 2011.

Fresh paint will always look good, but how long will it stay that way?

IMG_0106We believe in providing the highest quality, from the first step to the last. This is why we have been working in partnership with leading automotive and marine specialists to develop a finish that will last as long as our boats.

All new boats, repairs and refurbishments are now finished with the cutting-edge spraying technology and finishing materials; creating a longer lasting paint finish with superior adhesion.

Our developments continue. Stay tuned to find out more.