Janousek & Stampfli Racing Boats

With extensive research into hull structure a new carbon construction has been developed for the full Janousek and Stampfli range of boats. Our R&D is carried out in-house trialling a variety of carbon styles, weights and production processes. Each faces rigorous testing to ensure the hull is improved without compromise. These latest materials have proven to show exceptional stiffness to the hull in addition to great reductions in the hull weight. While Stampfli boats have always had a full carbon skin this further development follows a transition to a full carbon outerskin on Janousek boats in 2011. Fresh paint will always look[..]

The Janousek and Stampfli Regatta Service will be at the following events, with more dates to come shortly. NATIONAL SCHOOLS REGATTA HENLEY WOMENS REGATTA HENLEY QUALIFIERS HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA NATIONAL JUNIORS CHAMPIONSHIPS We will be offering a complimentary clean and polish along with minor repairs to all Janousek and Stampfli boats throughout the regatta. Please get in touch early to avoid disappointment. Services are provided on a first come first served basis although priority will be given to ensure boats are fit and ready to race.